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This was so beautifully written that I started to cry… Ugh. Wow.

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She does

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She Lied

She takes my breath away…she gives me butterflies whenever I talk to her or see a picture of her….the sad thing is she told me she didn’t want a relationship and yet she goes and asks a girl out. That really hurts…if she didn’t like me in that way that’s all she had to say..she didn’t have to lie to me. she isn’t who I thought she was…I wanna be friends at least but I don’t know if she wants to be friends. I really do like her and I still do even after she hurt me…she’s really kind and sweet. She makes me smile over the tiniest things. that really hurt when I found out she was dating someone when just the day before she didn’t wanna date for awhile cuz she ” liked being single”. I felt like I was dieing when she said she had a girlfriend…my heart stopped and I felt sooo alone. I know a lot of people flirt with her and ask her out but I’m not like that…she has an amazing personality and shes soo outgoing…and whenever I get a message from her my heart races and I smile and get butterflies in my stomach. But it’s to late now she doesn’t care and she will never how much I really like her. She seems happy now and that’s all I could ever ask for.


I Really Like Her <3

So I really like her but she said she doesn’t want a relationship and she doesn’t know how I feel but I don’t think it would matter…..a lot of girls flirt with her so I don’t wanna seem like just another girl flirting with her cuz I’m different….I watch her YouTube videos all the time and I try talking to her but she’s always busy and when I do talk to her idk what to say. Shes soo sweet and kind and funny. Whenever I watch her videos I get butterflies in my stomach and I smile. But if I tell her she will think I’m wierd and I’m just another girl fliring….I don’t wanna seem like another girl cuz I’m not trying to be. I wanna tell her but she may not talk to me again or just say “sorry i don’t want a relationship right now”. Should I just talk to her for a while or tell her how I feel? Someone help me pleaseeee. I don’t know what to do.